Well maybe not officially, but there’s a good chance that your tracking software will tell you that its there!

Ever wondered if it’s true that your phone can be traced down easily? Has the technology been accurate with your phone’s location or has it been messing around with you? Well, there are people who’ve had issues with the inaccuracy of phone trackers.

A couple residing in suburban Atlanta have had experiences that testifies of the inaccuracy of location services present in today’s smartphones. Michael Saba and Christina Lee are often visited by people that demand the return of their stolen phones. Different phone tracking applications point out their residence when tracking down lost phones, and they have no idea as to why this happens.

They narrate their story that it has happened to them so many times that people show up at their house any time be it day or night, and at times are accompanied by Police too. There are times when people have come up to their place while tracking down missing people who’s locations were tracked down through smartphones.

Whenever a lost mobile phone reports a location, it uses cellular and Wi-Fi signals to get a location that is usually accurate to ten meters. Actual locations can be traced down only when GPS is turned on in a device.

Saba and Lee doubt that their Wi-Fi router could be a reason to this problem and have filed a complaint about this issue to the FCC, but they are unable to help them since the trackers are using third-party applications to track down mobile devices. All they can do is put up a signboard that says ‘No we don’t have your phone.’