Dude takes his parents along on his skydiving adventure through Skype.

Well, summer is fast approaching and many gap year students will want to explore the world with friends before going on with their studies. While traveling abroad, these youths will be calling their parents back home, once in awhile, to let them know what they’re up to and perhaps calm their parents’ fears.

And because Roger Ryan from Ireland knows the importance of keeping in touch with his parents back at home while traveling the globe, he was sure to call them. However, he did show that he’s not your average traveler and did something that gave his parents a shock of a lifetime, and it was all recorded on a video that has now gone viral.

Ryan had traveled to Australia and unexpectedly contacted his parents on Skype while on an adventure on an airplane. Without informing them of his mode of transport, his parents huddled around a screen to talk with their son, assuming that he was on a bus. That was until reality dawned on them when he jumped from a plane flying 4,000 meters above the ground!

You can imagine how his parents reacted and can’t blame them for their cheeky NSFW language. We wouldn’t encourage you to try this on your parents, but then again…… he at least did call them. It looks so cool and too much fun. Happy travels!