“Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the water”…

Okay just kidding…Dr. Pei, a Japanese LEGO builder, recently created a detailed model of a sushi restaurant complete with a working conveyor belt (gives a whole new meaning to ‘dragon roll’ :)) using the tiny plastic blocks.

In enhancing his masterpiece, Dr. Pei includes an array of patrons and samurai sword-wielding sushi chefs. The mini sushi restaurant even has BB-8 (the little droid from Star Wars) is also a patron at the restaurant as he zips his way around on the conveyor belt.

As tremendous as this plastic sushi restaurant would look in real life, it actually looks like eating there is somewhat dangerous especially with the angry-looking sushi chefs doubling up as samurai warriors. Guess you better like the food :).

lego Sushi Bar 01