He doesn’t always socialize, but when he does its only with the coolest.

Lorenz Valentino is only an aspiring actor but he is already friends with the biggest celebrities out there, even spending some intimate moments with them – well, at least in the images he has photoshopped! In a series of images that certainly brings out the guffaws, Valentino – dressed in a cute dinosaur suit and cuter slip-ons – has photoshopped himself on to some eye-catching images of celebrities, and the finished products are sidesplitting!

Along with the already hilarious images are his detailed captions, which if we didn’t know better, sure sound completely convincing!

Here is one where Valentino seems to be chilling out with RiRi. “So @badgalriri invited me over to her place. She has a green roof top. Can you imagine? The view is blocked atm. Oh, riri. We should hang out more often <3” he writes!

The Most Interesting Dino In the World 1

Here’s Valentino sharing some frame space with Mark Zuckerberg, even claiming in the caption that he’s the co-founder of Facebook.

The Most Interesting Dino In the World 2

Did you know he has made it to the cover of Vogue too? And has stuck to his ethics of not doing anything naughty with Gigi Hadid during their hot photoshoots.

The Most Interesting Dino In the World 3

He has even kicked some ass with Deadpool, only with a plunger in hand.

The Most Interesting Dino In the World 4

Valentino even doubles up as a tattoo artist. Don’t believe us? Here he is giving David Beckham one!

The Most Interesting Dino In the World 5