Guy decides to have some fun with his subway riding patrons.

If you’ve ever taken a New York subway, you’ve probably realized that reading is the least obnoxious thing you can do while commuting. Unlike watching porn (which is obviously unacceptable), putting your luggage on the seat next to you, spreading your legs aimlessly or playing Candy Crush in a violent manner, reading certainly doesn’t affect your fellow riders in any way. Well, it didn’t until now.

Just like the anonymous Paperback Paradise, comedian Scott Rogowsky decided to prank fellow subway riders by audaciously reading fake books with outrageously awkward NSFW titles that would attract attention, and get everybody staring if not feeling a little uncomfortable. Ranging from titles such as Slut-Shaming Your Baby, Ass Eating Made Simple, How to Hold a Fart In, Mein Kampf For Kids, Rogowsky sat quietly on the subway reading “books” that no one would dare be seen reading in public.

To make the situation even more discomfiting, he appears innocent and deeply engrossed in the book. As you’d expect, his fellow passengers’ reactions are priceless; some of them inaudibly seething from a distance.