Man acknowledges that we humans are only here for one purpose…       to serve our Cat Masters.

With their YouTube video channel having more than 270,000 subscribers, it is easy to see that these two felines are probably more famous than many of us. Known as Cole the solid Black cat and Marmalade the feisty ginger kitty, these two felines are always up to something either on the internet or when winning modern cat contests.

Together with their human ‘servant’ Chris Poole, the trio has gained massive following for their videos, contests and for creating exceptional awareness on matters that affect felines. On the latest video, Poole offers incisive tips on how to take care of the felines in a friendly way within a household. In taking care of Cole, the most adorable and lovely black cat in the whole world, as well as his best friend Marmalade, the wide-eyed ginger kitty who was recently diagnosed with cancer, Poole offers very inexpensive ways of ensuring that the cats are always happy, clean and comfortable.

Poole, who lives in Southern California with the felines, shows perfect ways of removing the cats’ furs from household items such as chairs. His innovative and creative ways of playing with the two best friends are absolutely superb. From a cat cave made out of a box, a whack-a-mouse box, a toy made from a bottle to teaching the two lovely cat how to fend food for themselves, the clip is simply amazing and has garnered more than 474,000 views.