Go figure, we pretty much thought that any etiquette surrounding the enjoying a bowl of ramen was non existent, but apparently we’re wrong.

In many cultures around the world, including in America and Canada, slurping food is impolite and unacceptable. But when eating a bowl of ramen, slurping is rightly acceptable and even encouraged. That’s according to Chef Ivan Orkin, the co-owner Manhattan’s top Japanese ramen shop. Ivan, who recently opened his new outpost, Ivan Ramen Slurp Shop, shows the step by step guide to eating a bowl of ramen.

Not long ago, ramen, just like pad Thai and hummus, was considered an obscure ethnic food that was only consumed by starving college students who preferred to save their allowances for beer over ‘real’ food. However, ramen noodles are popular cuisine in North America with many Americans and Canadians becoming ramen lovers.  Even with its delicious taste and highly nutritional values, there have been numerous interesting debates on how to enjoy this famous Japanese cuisine. Nonetheless, Ivan puts these arguments to rest with this video that shows what can be termed as the “art of slurping.”

In the video, Ivan shows how to use the chopsticks to pull a small amount of ramen from the bowl. He then shows how to separate ramen from the bowl by lifting them before dipping them back into the bowl to mop up some broth. The best part of eating ramen is when you bring it to your mouth and Ivan says that you should shape your lips like you want to sip a really hot coffee. According to him, you should not try to eat neatly or quietly. The real treat in eating ramen lies in slurping it quickly, loudly and messily.