Yes its true, ‘The Simpsons’ will be running a episode where Homer is actually live on TV.

It’s been 27 years since its first episode aired on television, but The Simpsons and its comedic characters never age. In 27 years of existence, The Simpsons has captivated the imagination of fans with its many wacky and weird things. However, never has it staged an actual live broadcast, or shall we call it live episode? This time round, it is different. Its upcoming show in May will include a 3-minute live segment in which Homer will answer viewers’ questions and comment on various events of the day.

According to the show’s producers at Fox, the May 15 episode of the popular animated comedy will air live in the US both on the East Coast and West Coast broadcasts. Homer, who is the show’s patriarch will comment on the current events and answer questions from fans in a segment that will be voiced by Dan Castellaneta.

Al Jean, who is the show-runner, told Hollywood Reporter that they will use an advanced motion capture technology, which will feature Homer moving and talking about various events of the day. Viewers and fans will have the opportunity of sending their questions and opinions to Homer through a Twitter hashtag; #HomerLive beginning May 1 through to May 4.


Known for its captivating parodies and simulating pop-based themes, The Simpsons will be the first animated show to do a live episode considering that many animated series often taken even close to a year to prepare a single episode. All the same, this will be your chance to ask Homer Simpson that one single question that have been itching you for many years concerning the show. We hope that he will be able to answer.