Low-Cost Cosplay Genius Strikes Again

Cosplaying is definitely an expensive affair and often not a lifestyle choice for people with shallow pockets. But that doesn’t matter for Anucha ‘Cha’ Saengchart as he has perfectly mastered the art of low-cost Cosplay dress up and the internet is absolutely hooked on his hilarious self portraits of some of the most iconic game figures..

To be honest, typical Cosplay standards would probably judge Anucha’s Cosplay costumes as silly, bad or maybe appalling. But we think the contrary, because he’s totally creative and incredibly brilliant.

Home Made CosPlay Costume Fun 1

Instead of buying Cosplay costumes from a Cosplay industry that generates more than $330 million a year in Japan alone, Anucha believes that you can create your own Cosplay costumes with whatever you have in the house including flour, baking powder, towels, tape, markers, paints, plungers and utensils.

“If you become creative and properly use your imagination, you can use anything that makes you happy to Cosplay,” he recently said in a newspaper interview.

Anucha, who takes care of the elderly by the day, runs a popular Facebook page called LowcostCosplay where he shares his technique with low-budget Cosplay fans.

Home Made CosPlay Costume Fun 2

Home Made CosPlay Costume Fun 3

Home Made CosPlay Costume Fun 4

Home Made CosPlay Costume Fun 5