You’ll know what we mean by “Hey Dana” by the time you finish the IKEA video.  It’s hilarious.  And so is the marriage proposal.

We first had the pleasure of meeting patient girlfriend, Dana, on video awhile back, after boyfriend Simon Gilmore released a video of her reactions to his incessant puns of IKEA product names while out shopping at the store.  It’s is utterly hilarious and seems to even get more so as the video rolls along, watching Dana trying to shop and get repeatedly interrupted by “Hey Dana”, disrupting what she’s doing and leading into each pun, with her reactions ranging from mild frustration to laughter.

The thought of amusing one’s way out is totally relatable for anyone whose been consumed within the labyrinth of IKEA.  Have a look, if you haven’t seen it already, it’s a great lay up to the next part of the story:

Things appear to have progressed between the Dana and Simon since their IKEA fun, with a video released yesterday of Simon’s cliff-hanging marriage proposal, and the witty taunting of Dana in the time leading up to him popping the question.  Of course, it begins with, “Hey Dana”.  Like Simon jokingly says, “Now it’s guaranteed that everything from here is downhill”.  With both of them involved, we’re sure it will be a great ride.