Turns out guy bearly knew his co-worker after all.

The workplace can at times turn into a monotonous place because of repetition, boredom and routine.  No matter whether it’s in a corporate office or out in the field, workers stage pranks in various forms to add a little spice to the day. Those who have watched the TV series “The Office“, understand how complex these pranks can be, and the joyous gratification the prankster gets from watching it all unfold from start to finish.  Well, one dude took his brilliant and equally cruel trickery to a whole new level when he dressed up in a bear costume and gave his co-worker the fright of his life.

The video, originally shown on America’s Funnies Home Videos, was shot by a man whom we assume is a very willing accomplice (he just can’t stop giggling), who waits in anticipation that is almost sweeter than the payoff itself. Unless you have had a very bad experience relating to a bear, then this is the funniest prank video you will see in a very long time. The co-worker seems to be going about his daily business, but all of a sudden out of nowhere, his colleague dressed as a bear is ready to pounce on him.  The guy does a convincing job, down on all fours running then assuming a menacing pose on his ‘two hind legs’.

What happens next is pretty hilarious that is impossible not to laugh. The poor co-worker runs for his dear life and in full -on terror mode.  You can’t help but join in on the giggling!  Enjoy.