Google’s been infamous for it April Fool’s day pranks, but this year’s not really living up to its normal level of cool and here’s another example.

Obviously that Google was caught in the spirit of April Fools’ Day by creating a lot of crazy jokes and in addition to the self-driving bicycle video prank, they also unveiled Google Cardboard Plastic, which was their hypothetical plan for a new era of virtual reality.

The giant search engine company made VR technology more accessible than ever before in 2014 when they released Google Cardboard, which is basically a VR headset designed to function with ordinary smartphones. In their new prank video, they’ve taken a step further with the Google Cardboard Plastic, which is an entirely transparent plastic box that boasts a fully immersive experience, waterproof construction, 360-degree audio, lightweight build, and complete integration with any app.


Even though it’s a joke, it has a resolution that makes it look exactly like real life; thereby fueling rumors that such a VR product may be in the offing….or not. This would have been much funnier if the guys over at Apple would have put this out, but hey that’s just our opinion.