The internet has been awash with another conspiracy on the authenticity of this creepy photo.

When Twitter user @itsthemans posted a spooky image of a couple smiling for a selfie with the woman’s face inexplicably looking the wrong way in her reflection, nobody anticipated that it could elicit much debate and send shivers down the spines of social media users.

The image that is now dubbed “the world’s creepiest selfie” shows the couple standing behind a mirrored window for the selfie that’s being taken by the man. However, this is when things get really ghostly. While the reflection of the man looks exactly as it should, the woman’s face peculiarly turns to face the camera.


The picture that was posted with the caption: “What kinda devilish thing is going on?” has sparked one hell of a ‘devilish’ sorcery debate with social media users losing their minds trying to give their explanations. The most common explanation would be Photoshop, but a big number believe there’s something clairvoyant about it.


While commenting on the ghostly image, Twitter user @JunkieCentric was so petrified, noting:

“I’m so scared I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep tonight.”

Another user compared the spine-tingling shot to Voldemort, a fictional character and the ruler of evil wizards and witches in Harry Potter.


Although there are some pretty sensible explanations behind the awkward image, the internet still wants to believe that there’s some exorcist action behind it. On the contrary, we’re betting on the power of Photoshop on this one, just like on these ones.