These ‘Game of Throlls’ are Funny Twisted Animated Shorts.

Twists are always a good thing and these Game of Thrones twists created by the Red Medusa animation studio is called Game of Throlls, a collection of animated series revolving around the famous HBO hit series. Red Medusa has been working with some of the top brands in advertising and animation since 2007 and now, the Moscow based animation studio has chosen to enthrall us with the Game of Throlls.

The Game of Throlls series are launched in the form of animated video games featuring games such as Mortal Combat, Tetris, Doom and the famous Super Mario Bros.

Now, one thing is for sure – these animated series provide quite the entertainment quotient. And some viewers are so impressed that they have even requested the makers to transform them into actual video games! With hilariously creative and naughty animations, these series are creating quite a buzz on the internet, and while they may not be as famous as the actual Game of Thrones series, they are definitely half way there!

Exploring different angles, Game of Throlls even features its characters’ death with the use of some funny but gruesome animation. Bloodshed, crushed skulls, chopping off of human genitalia and squashing innocent felines to death, are just some of the gruesome animations used in the series. The animated series hence comes with an 18+ notification, as its content is definitely not suitable for children.

One interesting feature is that the series includes animated characters inspired by the actual series such as Jon Snow, Tyrion Lannister, Red Viper and Mountain, to name a few, and even plays around with witty titles that blend in perfectly with that of the HBO series. Game of Tethrones, Mortal Thrones, Doom of Thrones and Crazy Thrones are some innovative twists included in this animated series.

Go ahead and enjoy these twisted tales. They’re so good that you’ll probably enjoy them even if you’re not a Game of Thrones fan!