The most innovative uses for a common utensil.

At one point in life, you will feel that life is so unfair. Well, you are not alone; there are many people around the world who just feel the same way. And because life must go on and you cannot live in the ‘mountains,’ one crazy Russian hacker, Taras Kulakov, helps you through these life challenges with his five simple fork life hacks.

A fork maybe just a simple piece of cutlery, but it can for sure make life very simple in certain circumstances. For instance, eating and making a taco stand can be quite challenging and annoying. Loading it with your fixings may require you to use an extra hand, which may be unsavory, but a fork can make it stand with every bit of the fixings.

How about when you’ve misplaced the keys to your door and can’t just leave it open? In such a moment, nothing can actually come in handy than just a single piece of fork. And when opening a bottle lid becomes a frustrating problem? Fork becomes your best friend. You just have to watch how Taras goes about it.