This guys is brilliant, bringing his face swap A game.

Mixing Snapchat’s face swapping filter with a trip to the museum can create some really interesting faces, especially when you swap faces with faces of ancient Roman and Egyptian statues. That’s exactly what one museum-goer; Jake Marshall (JakeMarshall91) from England did when he visited the British Museum in London over the weekend.

Jake transformed his intellectual museum visit into an exercise of testing Snapchat’s Face Swap filter beyond its normal limits. To the surprise of the internet and Jake himself, the experiment worked pretty well with the filter transposing his face on to the faces of ancient Roman and Egyptian statues, leaving him with rather frightening images.

The nightmarish picture series was posted online just the other day, but is proving popular having garnered more than 520,000 views already. While Jake’s Face Swap creativity is praiseworthy, the resulting faces are ghostly and can scare the hell out of many people. That aside, the funny series has officially won him a place in our Face Swap hall of fame.

Museum-Face-Swap-01 Museum-Face-Swap-02 Museum-Face-Swap-03 Museum-Face-Swap-04 Museum-Face-Swap-05 Museum-Face-Swap-06 Museum-Face-Swap-07