Those of us that are a little too obsessed with ‘The Simpsons’ can now rest a bit easier thanks to a trio or resourceful super fans,

While many might have concrete points in arguing that the quality of The Simpsons has tremendously slipped in recent years, virtually nobody can argue against the fact that it is the most quotable TV show on planet. For those fans who love referencing quotes from this hugely popular animated show, there is a new search engine that is solely dedicated to the TV show. Known as Frinkiac, this is a search engine that has over three million images that can match every quotable quote from the comedic show.

Containing images from fifteen seasons of The Simpsons, Frinkiac offers fans of the animated series a pure way of ‘wasting’ some good time on the internet searching for the moments from the show that are frozen in time and perfectly matching them with relevant quotes, still from the same show. This search engine was named after virtually everyone’s favorite unconventional scientist, Professor Fink.

This impressive ‘Simpsons’ search engine was created by Sean Schultz, Paul Lehrer and Allie Young who wanted to give The Simpsons fans a godsend opportunity of matching every quotable quote from the show’s first fifteen seasons with its perfect image. The trio was spurred to create Frinkiac several years ago after finding themselves often quoting The Simpsons to each other, but finding it ultimately difficult to find the exact image that correctly related to the quotes they were using, especially on giant search engines such as Google and Yahoo. They however, did not start the project until six months ago when they decided to build it so that they could help other ’Simpsons’ fans who were going through such an unfortunate patch.

The trio also notes that the project was surprisingly quick with the majority of the codes written in about a week or so. This brilliant search engine required a bit of code generation to ensure that every image is perfectly matched with its relevant quote. Frinkiac was completed several months ago and was still being tested among the three friends and the colleagues before being released to the public less than a week ago.

Another bright side of the Frinkiac search engine is that it does not offer just one quote for a given image, but offers a range of quotes to choose from or vice versa; thereby making it even more fun. As if that is not enough fun, Frinkiac gives ardent ‘Simpsons’ fans the chance of adding their own memes on the images with the unique power of editing. This is definitely an exquisite tour down the memory lane for every diehard ‘Simpsons’ fan.