And they say listening to rap has no effect 🙂

A teenager named Brandon has literally “liiiit” the internet up after a hilarious video of him waking up from his anesthesia after his surgery emerged online. Brandon had broken his arm while playing baseball, but his reactions in the aftermath of the operation really had his supportive family and, of course, the entire internet in stitches.

In short, Brandon had been placed under anesthesia by doctors to reset his broken arm. But when he woke up, the young man screamed, laughed and enthusiastically shared stories of his epic adventures in Dubai that involved buying a camel, wandering the Dubai desert in company of billions of strippers, his “hot ass wife” and kids.

Speaking with some sort of American gangster accent, Brandon sounds like he’s high on helium and even an attempt by his quick-thinking mum to change the awkwardly strange conversation doesn’t bore any fruits. His mum asks; “Did you buy anything nice in Dubai?” But his “I bought billions of strippers in Dubai” answer leaves everyone laughing.

While we hope that this isn’t staged, it’s a sure confirmation that anesthesia can hilariously make you whoever you want without having to work. For Brandon, Dubai was definitely liiiit.