A Bizarre Moment of Defiance

What would you do if you found your car wheel clamped for not paying a parking ticket? While most of us would beg to get it released, some people would cry, swear or get physical. Even with all these acts of rage, most of us would probably not choose to drive off with the steel clamp still locked around the real wheel. To our surprise though, that’s exactly what one very furious motorist did in Harare, Zimbabwe!

In this amusing video, the visibly incensed motorist found himself in a moment of defiant rage when he attempted to drive off with the clamp locked on his rear wheel. According to shocked onlookers, the motorist had returned to his car after having gone for a brief shopping trip only to find his car clamped by seemingly hawk-eyed traffic cop.

Instead of following the right procedures in getting the clamp dislodged, the rather impatient driver decided to drive away perhaps hoping that the clamp would break off. However, the clamp remained firmly in place. The frustrated driver tried every move in his ‘defiance’ book, but none sadly came to fruition.

At the end of it all, he had no choice but to pull over. Thanks to his rather weird attempts, he’ll now have to spend some Zimbabwean dollars repairing the clearly damaged bumper.