You Don’t Want to be Near Cristiano Ronaldo When He’s Angry!

Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best football/soccer players in the world if not the best. During a match at the European Championships, Ronaldo leaped as high as a basketball player going up for a slam dunk to head home a decisive goal as his side beat Wales 2-0.

And after being released by his team-mates, who ran after him to the corner flag to congratulate him, Ronaldo remembered what has now become his trademark goal celebration,  jumping in the air fist pumping and flexed his every muscle. While this is now some form of branding to Ronaldo, YouTuber Dream Team has created a viral meme depicting Ronaldo’s trademark celebration with a bit of a twist.

He’s shown furiously slapping a host of big names including One Direction and Britain politicians Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson. Oh wait! Ronaldo seems not to be in agreement with Donald Trump’s controversial remarks, despite owning an apartment in Trump Tower in New York.  This stuff is priceless.