These Chinese Nail Houses: Won’t Sell & Won’t Leave

A lone apartment conspicuously stands in the middle of a newly built road in Zhejiang province in China. The owner refused to relocate because of a compensation dispute. Sounds strange? Not in China. Such houses are widespread and are known as dingzihu, which translates to a “nail house.”

Like a nail that remains non-compliant and refuses to be hammered down, these “nail houses” have sprung up in China at the height of the remarkable real estate boom that has engulfed the country. These homeowners refuse to accept the compensation offered by the local government, road builders or private developers in exchange for relocation and demolition of their property.

While this is not an uncommon phenomenon in China, most of these defiant homeowners refuse to give way to developers. They refuse to relocate either because they’re holding out for more money or simply because they’re so much in love with their homes and the area in general that they do not want to move to some other location.

As weird as they may look, we think that these “nail houses” perfectly highlight of just how moneyed developers can lock horns with private home or land owners who adamantly refuse to bulge or make way for one reason or the other.

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