Here’s a great example of nurture – this cute Rhino baby acts just like the dogs.

The kind folks at South Africa based Working with Rhinos posted this heartwarming video on YouTube of a baby Rhino in their care, named Warren, while out for a walk with the dogs. This in itself is fun enough to watch, however the amazing part is Warren running to the humans when he’s called – just like the dogs.

Working with Rhinos is an official agent of the Care for Wild Africa Rhino Sanctuary, a non-profit organization and the largest rhino orphanage in the world. For those that would like more info or to volunteer, check out their website

Enjoy the video of Warren – the rhino that thinks he’s a Weimaraner…or maybe a Rhimaraner:)

Warren The Rhino 1

Warren The Rhino 2

Warren The Rhino 3

Warren The Rhino 4

Warren The Rhino 5

Warren The Rhino 6