Travelling son posts often hilarious pictures to let Mom knows he’s okay – even though, in some, it appears he’s in a bit of a pickle.

Mothers do have a reputation for worrying – and according to Jonathan Kubben Quiñonez, his Mom is no different. So when he quit his job and decided to go travelling the world, he knew he needed a way to share his adventures and prove to his Mom that he was doing well. He created the Instagram account, @momimfine, to post photos of himself along the way so his Mom could see with her own eyes that he was alright. Now, he’s posting those photos to not only show his Mom that he’s fine, but also over 38,000 followers.

Hmmm, why is Jonathan’s Instagram account become so popular, you ask? It may be because of the genuinely interesting photos of the places he is visiting, but we are guessing that it is the witty and sarcastic photos of Jonathan in potentially dangerous situations that has piqued the interests of followers, such as one picture showing him skydiving, or another being held upside down by army officers. Nothing like the one with the alligator in the background to get Mom’s imagination flowing!!

Regardless of the situation, Jonathan always has his ‘Mom I’m Fine’ sign in the picture to really let Mom know he’s okay. Atta boy!

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Mom I'm Fine 21

Mom I'm Fine 20

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