This is one very creative dad who shows his kids that imagination is one of the most wonderful gifts of all…especially when you can capture them in photographs.

A gentleman from Switzerland deserves a round of applause for arguably being one of the most creative dads ever. John Wilhelm, 46, showed his creativity by creating a string of out of the ordinary photographs involving his imagination, three children and incredible photoshop.

Naming the pictures, Honey I photoshoped the Kids, Wilhelm displayed his high level of creativity in coming up with pictures of his angelic looking daughters in some unlikely scenarios that any parent would never want his/her kids in. some of these situations may be very risky in real life, but now that these are just creatively photoshoped situations, they become pretty hilarious.

Wilhelm, who is a professional photographer, places his daughters in some unusual settings in exotic places through the use of technology, even though the family rarely ventures outside the family home. Having been associated with photography from an early age as his father was a professional hobby photography, Wilhelm shows his passion in photography by creating dramatic images of his daughters in very weird scenarios.


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In one of his photos, Wilhelm drops one of his daughters among huge crocodiles, but the hilarity of the photo ensues when it appears that one of the crocodiles has the camera hanging from his opened mouth. In another image, he photographs his daughter in an exotic place grabbing the horns of a grown bull as her sister surprisingly looks on.

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Wilhelm, who teaches IT, admits that he began creating technology-enhanced images four years ago. The idea of using his three daughters as models struck him out of convenience considering that he spends a lot of time with them. The photographer says that he loves fantasy and can bring it into his life and into his daughters’ life by creating images through photoshop and 3D software. He is quick to note that he has held back on the idea of renting a studio after his concept of shooting his girls came to fruition just within their little home studio.

Looking at a string of these hilarious photos, it becomes very clear that Wilhelm does it with utmost passion. In fact, he is realizing his photography dreams, while keeping everybody else entertained with his images.

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