Hilarious Moments Pets Got Stuck in the Oddest Places

Anyone who has a pet will attest to the fact that they do not always behave like you want, and can at times get pretty goofy and somehow irrational with their misdeeds.

Perhaps having happened to almost every pet owner, your pet might have taken its misdemeanor behavior to a whole new level by getting themselves into hilarious positions and situations that end in them being awkwardly stuck and unable to get themselves out of whatever difficulty they’re in.
Whether it’s a cat getting stuck in the toilet or a dog getting trapped between a plastic stool, our beloved pets sometimes get themselves into cute, funny and helpless circumstances.

So having searched various corners of the internet, we’ve brought you some adorable animals that thought they would reign supreme in prickly situations only to get themselves into some uproariously tight squeezes.
You can’t help, but have a chuckle, scroll through.