We never said that all of our pieces would challenge your questions of existence, in fact we did say that we’d find some strange stuff to and well, this is one of them.

With the recently released Captain America: Civil War, it looks like Europeans have now decided introduce their own versions of superhero Captains of Europe. And we’re not talking about EU-inspired Captain EuroWe’re talking about Captain Scotland, Captain Russia, Captain Finland, Captain Sweden, Captain Germany and many more. In a video made by PistolShrimps, these parodies of Captain America are introduced in a very uproarious manner. These European superheroes are structured to poke fun at all stereotypes of the countries they represent.

For instance, the clip shows Captain Norway exerting the power of personal space, while Captain Switzerland shows his neutrality in every issue. Captain Britain is shown as Captain America’s favorite boy, while Captain Romania is depicted as a dancing vampire…ok. We can’t refute Captain France whose imitation of Henri Le Chat Noir is on point.

Additionally, Captain Scotland may be a hero, but nobody understands what he says. Captain Finland is hilariously shown naked, standing on the snow with a Nokia shield and a bottle of Vodka. Captain Spain is rightly depicted a siesta-lover and Captain Sweden is depicted has being unemployed because there’s no crime in his country. Captain Russia? Well…. we know you were waiting for that, but the less said about him, the better.

We can’t fail to thank PistolShrimps for giving us a good laugh with this refreshing and self-referential kind of humor.