The UK Sun got a little more cleavage than they bargained for.

Cheeky newspaper, The Sun in Britain, is at it once again with its “Bust of Britain” contest.  Breast prize (The Sun refers to it as a “Prize Chest”:)) is £1,000 and a photo shoot.  Entrants must submit a selfie of their cleavage:  the contest page even has tips for contestants to make their photo most flattering.  But, wait for it, wait for it…


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The Sun’s Tweet about the contest, and the original link referred to in the Tweet, did not specify that entrants had to be women. The lads of Britain, among others who think running this contest in itself is hilarious, want in on the action – and why not?? You’ve gotta admire British humour – of course they’re all over this, gender equality and all, with many lads sending in their finest booby shots, complete with pouty lips to go with. There’s a few non-human entries, and some non-human pairs that also caught our eye. The Independent UK brought this funny matter to attention, and ran some hilarious entries – here are some favorite picks:

We understand the contest page now refers to the breast ‘woman’ winning