Well after seeing this Instagram account, we absolutely agree.

Posting a photo on social media leaves it open to commentary, whether justified or not. The fact that these social media platforms allow people, celebrities included, to tailor their photos to portray, to an insane degree, lifestyles that are probably not real.

And because it’s pretty hard to differentiate what’s real and what’s not, most of us perhaps feel that these people, especially celebs, deserve a knock down back to their normal selves once in a while so that we can once and for all put an end to this fantasy life and manicured insanity. So fret not readers, one Australian comedian, Celeste Barber has risen to this iconic challenge and put these celebrities in their “normal” places with some of the most funny celebrity recreations you’ll ever come across.

From recreating Kim Kardashian’s intense Instagram selfies to magnifying Justin Bieber’s gratuitous shirtless poses, Celeste completely nails it. Her all-round realness and challenging poses makes it all hilarious. She certainly has nothing personal on the celebrities she impersonates, but quite justified regardless.