The crew at Volkswagen infuses some humor into what is easily one of the most frustrating tasks of driving.

Similar to parallel parking, reversing a trailer is actually one the most challenging and frustrating driving maneuvers. It not only requires some sort of skills, but also becomes a real way of testing one’s patience even for the most experienced drivers. Notwithstanding all that, Volkswagen has created a seriously cool commercial advert to promote its Trailer Assist feature using some pretty crazy reverse high-speed driving stunts.

Created and executed by Volkswagen’s Norwegian arm, the promotional clip shows a VW Passat Wagon with a massive trailer attached to it reversing its way all over the city at improbably breakneck speeds. The wagon weaves its way through a parking lot, around a roundabout and even passes other vehicles in a way that you wouldn’t imagine possible.

With more than 21 million views already, the footage has the internet going bonkers, but the German automaker insists that its Trailer Assist system can help a lot with the tricky task of reversing a car with a trailer attached to it. The system takes over steering duties when the driver hits the “Park Button” and positions the preferred angle through the help of mirror-adjustment buttons. But the spot does a great job in getting the message across, even at the end when it spoils it for us.