It’s Strange, It’s Hilarious, It’s Adobe Stock Apparel

Some things are better left to experts. Many people are likely to quote this line to Adobe after they unveiled Adobe Stock Apparel, which looks like something of a funny tribute to the worst t-shirt ever. In trying to promote a product, Adobe, the company behind the infamous Flash Player Plugin came up with the idea of “promoting” the apparels with some of the worst stock footage imagery that we can all relate to, albeit awkwardly.



Imagine wearing a t-shirt of a “laughing woman eating vegetable salad!” Most of these photos are ironic and funny as they poke fun at some famously bad images that we’ve all come across in endless ads.

“The idea was to pay tribute to some stock images that have earned their place in the history books as the worst,” the project’s creative director, Oskar Hellqvist said.

“This limited edition clothing line is our unique way of saluting them, despite being a little unconventional to some,” he added.

Sadly you can’t actually buy them because they’re just a cheeky marketing trick for Adobe Stock, a royalty-free image service. So you can simply revel in the uproarious entertainment provided by these t-shirts.

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