Lelo TUX brings “Scotland’s passion for penis fashion” (their words, not ours) to global markets

Come to think about it, guys really don’t have a lot of creative options for dressing up down there, do they? Variations of underwear – traditional tighty-whiteys, boxers, speedo-type slings, thongs…mostly designed to hold the whole package, per se. And how about for that really special night out or night in? Well, the folks at Lelo have taken great thought and care in designing ‘TUX‘, a slip on tuxedo complete with bow tie and a rose.


Upon reading Lelo’s press release announcing TUX, we learned that willie warmers go back to the 12th century where they were worn by shepherds to keep ‘big Jim and the twins’ from freezing. Obviously TUX is more of a fashion statement…

Lelo has taken great care in design and fabric selection to ensure fashion and fit are both optimized. Early testers apparently were pleasantly surprised and enthusiastic about the product. TUX comes in a luxurious gift box with instructions on how to wear. It’s available now, why wait for the holidays?

If you’re not convinced yet, check out their video: