Winter Sucks.  For most of us its a time of darkness, cold, bitter winds and at best a bit of sunshine.  Well it’s no picnic for your winter sweaters either!  Here are some tips on how to be kind to your winter faves.

Whether you live in a sunny place, a place with snowfall or where all seasons behave moderately, the bottom line is, you can’t escape the clutches of winter. As you start wearing sweaters more to keep you warm, it is important to keep them in good shape to make sure they last for a while (rips, tears, and pulls are the worse things to handle.) To quench all your worries about how to take care for your knitwear and make them long-lasting without damaging them, here are some very useful tips for you. These will for sure make that most of your beloved winter essentials last longer. And also, you won’t have to say goodbye to your favorite sweater.

Say No to Hanging

fold-your-knitwearMake sure you fold your knitwear rather than hanging it. And place it in a dry and cool place.

Don’t be a Clean FreakDont-be-a-Clean-Freak

Don’t fret when you happen to not wash your sweaters very often. Sweaters are not directly in contact with our skin. It is okay to wash your sweater once after every third or fourth wear. And the sweaters which you don’t wear quite often can be washed once a season.

Say No to Washing Machines

not-wash-your-sweaters-very-oftenMachines and dry cleaners are not the right options when it comes to your sweaters. It is best if you hand wash your sweaters to get rid of body oils, food, and perfumes as they leave stains which attract moths and become their source of food and to stop the stains from setting (we don’t want that.)

Not sure about how to wash your sweaters with hands properly? Here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. To wash, turn the clothing inside out.
  2. Fill in cold water in a basin or sink and add a measured amount of mild detergent or shampoo.
  3. Submerge the clothing and very gently rub it with your hands. Wash out all the stains that are clinging to it.
  4. Rinse your garment thoroughly in clean water and focus on getting all the soap out from the clothing. Press out all the extra water from it and make sure not to twist or wring it as it can damage your knitted garment.
  5. For drying, place the clothing flat on a dry towel.
  6. Roll the towel with the washed knitwear inside to get rid of the excess water.
  7. Now you can hang it either on a dry rack or place it on a dry towel.

If you’re worried about how to make your knitted stash new, following are some good ideas to pick up:

  • Apart from holes and stains, you can brighten your knitwear by adding some good color into them. Don’t be afraid to throw some color into your sweaters and other woolen clothing.
  • If you like wearing new knitted garments every season, then exchanging them with your friends is a good idea rather than buying new every season.

Taking good care of your knitwear makes the lifespan of them much longer and makes them look new, soft, and nice in addition to them being warm and cozy.