Spanish designer builds beautiful butterfly scarves.

Standing out from a crowd in terms of fashion is pretty hard these days. But now you can accessorize your fashion style with these butterfly-like scarves, cloaks and capes that will have everybody going gaga.

Made by Alassie, a Spanish costume designer, these gorgeous scarves are a different species of their own. Each of these hand-printed scarves takes on the realistic shapes and patterns of these attractive creatures and they’re just as light and airy. These butterfly-like scarves come in a range of sizes and can be worn as a simple scarf, a shawl or a floor-length cover up.

In making these unique scarves that resemble monarch butterflies and other types, Alassie draws her inspiration from nature. The Barcelona-based designer was born into a family of seamstresses and enhanced her skills by studying fashion design and styling in her hometown of Granada.

She sells her amazing costumes on her Etsy shop, El Costurero Real. Once you get your hands on one of them, you’ll probably find an excuse to wear it daily because they’ll transform you into a beautiful light butterfly.