Tomorrow’s fashion is being built with today’s technology.

So you’re planning an evening out and need that dress that will make a statement like no other. But you’re not stressed, after all, you have a 3D printer and the 3D file that has all the elements you need to print that perfect dress for the important occasion. All you need to do is put in your own details and that beautiful evening gown with the perfect fit is ready, just for you!

If all this sounds like a technological wonder of the future, we can tell you its not.   All you have to do is take a look at the Kinematic Petals Dress, and you’ll know that the future is here and now!

3D printer dress 03

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Designed and developed by Nervous System, on a commission by the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, the customizable dress is as technologically advanced as it is visually and aesthetically appealing.  A framework of tessellated triangles forms the base for the petals, and over 2600 hinges put the 1600 pieces into place, forming a flowing pattern, just like any other textile dress.

Initially printed in white nylon plastic by Selective Laser Sintering at the Shapeways factory in NYC, the dress was then dyed to give it the vibrant red that is displays now, creating a finished product that is sure to rule any ramp its wearer walks on.

So where can you catch a glimpse of this beautiful technological phenomenon? The dress will be put up on display at the Henry and Lois Foster Gallery in the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston from March 6th to July 10th , alongside other technological works of art that are the latest fads to catch up with the fashion and artistic world.

“A generative design studio that works at the intersection of science, art, and technology,”

is how the Somerville based Nervous System describes itself, and one look at the innovative works that the studio has displayed up to now will tell you that this description fits it perfectly indeed.

The perfect amalgamation of natural elements with ultramodern science and technology is the goal  and the Kinematics Petals Dress is witness to the future of tech and fashion.

The co-founders of Nervous System, Jessica Rosenkranz and Jesse Louis-Rosenberg, along with the team that designed, developed and brought to reality the Kinematic Petals Dress sure deserve a thundering applause for this amazing creation!

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