Here’s our quick look at the top shoe trends for 2016.

As soon as the new year started, Fashionholics started craving for new trends in clothing, accessories, and shoes. Here is a list of shoe styles that one can wear this year to make a fashion statement.

  1. Lace-Ups

Lace has always been known to symbolize hotness, and a lace-up boot is no different. Just like any other sandals and pumps, Lace-up boots are a must have, because they are designed to compliment all sorts of summer and winter apparel. So this year, why not let your shoe carry out all your stlye.

  1. Cowboy Baby

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Owning a pair of Texan boots is the best thing that could happen to you this year. If you do not own a pair, then get up and go purchase one because this season is all about going Cowboy baby! Cowboy boots can be worn with both summer and winter wear as they give you a very bold look once you have them on.

  1. Ladylike

Sling backs have never failed to hit the racks any season. Be it summers or winters, these never run out of fashion. Want to make a bold fashion statement this year? Then go up to your shoe closet and pull out a pair of sling-backs because they are the latest fashion. Wear them with dresses or with casual outfits like jeans and tops, and you are going to rock the look lady.

  1. Sculpture Heels

As classy as they sound, sculpture heels are for those who live out of the box. Who wouldn’t want to walk into a party and have all eyes on them this year? Be it of any color or size, sculpture heels never fail to grab the attention of passersby, and are designed to compliment your capes and long dresses no matter on what occasion you wear them on.

  1. White

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In the olden times, white was considered to be a colour for nurse’s shoes, but in the past few years, we have seen numerous models and actresses wall the ramp in white shoes. Every style of shoes is available to buy in white these days, whether they’re platform heels, pumps, or a pair of strappy sandals. So why not wear your pair of white shoes and flaunt your style?

These are some styles that you can follow in the year 2016 but you are free to think out of the box and create your own fashion trend.