This version of the Gigi Hadad manicure only costs $10

Nails have become the go-to canvas for self-expression.  Think about it, the looks can be as adventurous and colorful as your mood and imagination takes you – yet there is no commitment; when your ready for a new look, it’s a done deal within an hour.  Unlike body piercings and tattoos, there’s no regret, no big decisions.  

And, everyone can participate at any level, from subdued hues to all out Swarovski crystals – and now, chrome and mirrored effects too.

A few months ago, Gigi Hadad attended the Met Gala rocking a set of mirrored fingernails, rumoured to have cost $2,000.  Don’t know about you, but when we saw them, some of us nail girls almost wanted to cash in a bond or put a lien on the car (we know, how irresponsible) to get a set of those – have a look below, and you’ll see what we mean:

A video posted by Gigi Hadid (@addictionhadid) on

Well now, after the initial emotion of simply wanting a set of these nails at any cost wore off, the logical side of the brain took over and it was time to explore how to get a set of these or something close, at a much much lower price.   We then turned to the internet to search it out, and turns out looks like many other nail girls did just the same thing…big surprise, love the internet!  We came across this video on Instagram from the Bornprettystore demonstrating the finish of their mirrored polish – and it looks incredible!! And it’s $10 for the base and top coat! Have a peek, see what you think:

A video posted by BornPretty (@bornprettystore) on

Apparently it only lasts a couple of days – but it looks so worth it!!  Besides, didn’t we say that one of the great things about nails is that we can change them so often? Oh yes.