Well you knew it had to come back sooner or later.  So to help you navigate the world of Pom Poms, here are some tips to get it right this time.

The 90’s are in full swing again. Chokers are back as the bold, yet subtle, accessory that is a must-have in your jewelry box. The favorite crafting tool for every DIY-er and the favorite accessory for every cheerleader is making a splash. And just when we thought that the 90’s nostalgia can’t go any further, the pom-poms are back in fashion.

These colorful balls will certainly brighten your day. Here are some things you can make flashy by adding pom-poms:

  1. Pom-Pom Shoe Party

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Trade your classic black pumps for a pastel pink pair. Add multi-colored pom-poms on them to add more fun to it.

  1. Touch of Class

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Raise your essentials for cold weather by adding adorable fur ball on any hat. This looks classy!

  1. Eyelash Show-Stopper

Add pom-poms to your beauty routine by taking a risk with false lashes. The colorful and fluffy pair will make you stand out in a crowd.

  1. Jockey Leather

Get into the riding mode with a cap of leather. The balls of fur on the cap will catch everyone’s eyes without being tacky.

  1. Clutch Convenience

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Adding a puffball to your favorite clutch will allow you to let go and party with style.

  1. Bold Impressions

Bring pom-poms to the front of your clothing by wearing them as jewelry. Want to make an immediate statement? Hot pink puff earrings will definitely help with that.

  1. Color Block Keychain

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Add unique key chains to your favorite purse and add a mix of color in it.

  1. Checkmate Color

Get rid of all those ugly sweaters and embrace the trend of pom-pom by adding them to your winter wear while fighting winter chills.

  1. Glitzy Fun

No matter how formal or casual it seems, a clutch with pom-poms is perfect for a hang out. Black pom-poms on any light-colored clutch create an easy and effortless mix.

  1. Little Black Stilettos

The classic and sophisticated look for any occasion can be spiced up with the pom-pom trend. Wear these to a party and get ready to bag all those compliments.

  1. Fuzzy Kicks

Why not wear comfy slippers out? Any trend can be fashionable by adding a little color of pom-poms to it.

  1. Socks

Add some flavor to feminine socks with colorful and fun pom-poms and make a statement with your look.

  1. Pom-Pom Jewels

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Love to wear funky rings? Delicate rings with pom-poms are the newest trend for jewelry and will make you stand out.

  1. Furry Phone Case

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What is that cute fluffy monster in your hands? It’s your phone! You can transform your phone case in to a furry and cute phone and people will surely drool over this pom-pom style.

  1. Long Skirt

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A classic skirt is 2016’s classic silhouette crafty trend. And by adding tassels and pom-poms, your outfit is definitely complete.

  1. Hot Fuzz

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Tired from your boring hair ties? Add some fun to your ponytail by choosing adorable pom-pom hair ties.

  1. Classic Flat

Flats with pointed-toe are amazing. These are the kind of shoes which will go with any pom-pom outfit.

  1. Deck the Stilettos

Modern sandals are sleek with ornamental fun. The blue, pink, and orange baubles will add the color to your classy heels.

  1. Handbags

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Clip a pom-pom to any handbag and turn it into a charming one.

  1. Bracelets

Give the trend of the pom-pom and earthy spin to your favorite bracelets and you’ll surely love this new look.