The daily grind is hard enough, so here are some tips that can hopefully make the start of your day just a bit easier.

Waking up every day and spending good hours in front of the mirror, just to get that perfect look to carry all day is something everyone wants to do. If you want to make this beautifying experience easy and awesome, then follow these tips and get the perfect look every time.

  1. De-Clump MascaraDe-Clump-Mascara

Are you tired of buying new mascara every time it dries out? Do you want your mascara to last longer than it normally does? Well, here is what you need to do. Whenever your favorite mascara dries up, all you need to do is add eye drops into that clumpy tube and give it a good shake. Voila, there’s your mascara not as good as new, but good enough to save the day.

  1. Business Card Eye StencilBusiness-Card-Eye-Stencil

Have you ever failed at creating a dramatic eye while balancing out the makeup on both the eyes? Well, who hasn’t. Not everyone is as perfect as Gucci Westman. Here is a trick that can help you get the perfect flick when creating a dramatic or cat eye: take a business card and place it on the eye to create a sharp and defined line with the eye shadow. This helps in creating a balanced and smudge-free look on both your eyes.

  1. Tightlining

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Who doesn’t want their lashes to look fuller, thicker, and longer without using false lashes or enhancements? This little trick can help you get your dream lashes within no time. Tightlining is a trick where you line your upper waterline rather than applying liner above your lashes. By doing so, your lashes will appear thicker without any hard work put into it.

  1. Eye Shadow that PopsEye-Shadow-that-Pops

There are times when you purchase a bright colored eye shadow and it turns out that the color isn’t as bright as you expected it to be. Now that you have purchased it, so why not use this hack to bring out the best of that color? To pop that color, you need to first apply a cream colored base coat all over your lid. The base coat enhances the color and gives it a brighter shade so that you do not regret your decision of purchasing that particular eye shadow.

  1. Airbrushing without an Airbrushbeauty-blender

Getting an airbrushed look on any occasion is one heck of a task. You can never get it without proper tools. This tip will help you get airbrushed skin instantly: just buy a beauty blender and use it wisely as this makeup sponge is designed to give similar results to that of an airbrush. Also this, that being a reusable sponge, it can be used for months before being replaced.

  1. Heat up that Lash Curlerlash-curler

Heating up your lash curler with your hair dryer is a trick that will help you get beautifully curled eyelashes. Just heat your lash curler for three to four seconds and watch what wonders it does to your lashes.

  1. Powder on LashesPowder-on-Lashes

Brushing your lashes with a little powder before applying mascara, will enhance the results of your mascara and will give you fuller lashes. The powder helps with mascara setting up on lashes perfectly with one or two coats. So why worry now?

Using these tips in your daily makeup routine will leave people wondering how you became a pro at makeup. So get up, and flaunt your makeup skills in front of your friends and family.