Hand crafted platform shoes are a collector’s dream

Are you or one of your friends a ‘shoe person’?  We all have our weaknesses when it comes to shopping – some of us are all about handbags, others into rings or jewellery, and inevitably at least one of the group are into shoes.  It’s probably not a coincidence that these categories aren’t as size oriented – the odds of not growing out of that handbag or those shoes is much less than a pair of jeans.  Perhaps that is why when we are drawn to paying perhaps a little more for these items – and tend to collect them, and covet them, over the long term.

For those shoe aficionados, we’ve come across a selection of absolutely envy-inducing hand crafted platform wedges.  New York based LanVy Nguyen made the leap from working in corporate finance to becoming the designer behind these intricately carved wooden wedge shoes.  Nguyen offers a variety of styles and finishes of the bespoke shoes from her Etsy store, Fashion For Freedom.   Shoes are made to order by craftsmen in Vietnam, allowing for custom fit, color and heel finishes, and take approximately 18 days to finish.   The intricacy of the carvings in the platform complement the wood, imparting a lighter overall look than one would expect given the solidity of the wood itself.  The supple leather upper visually softens the hardness of the platform, while it and the rubber sole are designed to provide support and comfort.

We can go on and on describing how they look, but as with most things, there’s nothing like pictures, so we’ve provided some of our favorite selections:


This Hummingbird inspired winged design boasts a dramatic platform that is hand lacquered in bright hues, complementing your selection of leather uppers.  When scrolling through the pictures of the different colors of uppers available, it is interesting to see how each one accentuates the corresponding color from the platform.



This one is aptly named Bitten 2 and with its fierce dragon platform, it is certainly an attention grabber.



This design, named Chrysanthemum, offers an airy flower platform base in a natural finish.









There are many more to see – have a look at the Fashion For Freedom site yourself to see the other styles available.  In addition to shoes, Nguyen also offers a wide variety of other items, including handbags and jewellery, just in case shoes aren’t your thing. Or in case you have another shopping weakness….