Getting ink done?  This discreet location is gaining in popularity.

Two years ago, Miley Cyrus posted an Instagram photo of her inked inner lip. The Instagram photo not only received over 750,000 likes, but also started a trend.  Since then, these discreetly located lip tattoos have been gaining in popularity, their hidden location a perfect spot for a personal message or self-expression.

This piece of personal real estate is a little blank canvas for tattoo designers, who can use a variety of styles when it comes to their creations. “Lettering”, which is simply using letters in various styles to spell out a message or word, is popular.  Yes, swear words are too :). Because of it’s fairly hidden location, some people choose to tattoo the name of their soulmate, or a word that expresses their personality, such as “reckless”, or hobby such as “skater”, or self-expression terms like “love”.  Given the inner lip location, the witty phrase, “Bite Me”, is a popular choice.  Other selections for this lip locked location are shapes, such as a hearts or diamonds, or a character, such as Hello Kitty. Designs in all forms can be inked in black or color.

Those getting an inner lip tattoo probably won’t be surprised to learn that it will fade over time – that could be good or bad depending on if one likes to change things up or keep the same tattoo long term. For those who are somewhat fickle, tattoos in this area aren’t a long term commitment, allowing a change-up to different designs. Regardless, maintenance is an issue, whether touching up an existing tattoo or doing another design when the old one fades.

Scroll through these fabulous pictures of inner lip tattoos, depicting shapes from bicycles to dinosaurs, and single words to catch phrases, in color, and black and white – and all very cool.

Inner Lip Tattoos 33

Inner Lip Tattoos 29

Inner Lip Tattoos 01

Inner Lip Tattoos 31