It only took six decades, but the owners of the iconic doll are finally in this century when it comes to how they portray women.

For almost six decades, Barbie dolls have been known to be virtually of the same hour-glass figure and color. However, this is about to change after manufacturers of the renowned plastic dolls, Mattel Inc., announced that Barbie is in for major evolution in embracing features that are more reflective of the real women in the world.

Going further than the unreal hourglass shape, the company has announced that it is ready to diversify into manufacturing dolls with tall, petite and curvy body shapes. Also to be included in this never-seen evolution will be over seven different skin complexions, 24 different hairstyles and an immense 22 different eye colors. These new dolls will also come in a wide range of diverse outfits that many women and girls in the world can conform to.


We’ve expanded our line to offer girls more choices than ever. Curvy, Tall, and Petite dolls now stand proudly next to the Original body. Learn more at #TheDollEvolves #Barbie

Posted by Barbie on Thursday, January 28, 2016


Even with this news that is likely to be embraced by many women in the world, Mattel Inc. still maintains that this will not be the end of its original Barbie, which has been in the market for almost 57 years with its famous hourglass figure that has become every girl’s dream.    This insistence on the continuation of the original Barbie will go on despite the fact that the big-selling brand has been, for many years, highly criticized for its next-to-impossible hourglass shape, which is claimed to be an unrealistic reflection of the beauty that little girls encounter on a daily basis.

We’re celebrating The Evolution of #Barbie with an evening of storytelling and conversation. Follow along at #TheDollEvolves.

Posted by Barbie on Thursday, January 28, 2016

Nonetheless, the changing faces of the Barbie brand will be realistic reflections of exactly what girls see around them in real life. These changes are projected to enormously increase sales of the dolls as girls will be able to relate to dolls that truly speak for them and unerringly represent them. The company is highly hopeful that this evolution in dolls will be the beginning of an era where girls are becoming more intrigued with technology and prefer technologically-enhanced dolls to static synthetic toys.

This latest range of dolls follows a series of notable changes on the classic doll over the years, with the most recent designs including flat-wearing dolls, as well as a high-tech ‘Hello Barbie’ that can perfectly have a conversation with a child and answer questions on difficult topics such as self-esteem questions and how to deal with grief or rejection.

The new dolls that are now available in Mattel’s online stores represent a new dawn for an object that has been iconic and a foundation of imagination and inspiration for almost every girl all over the world for almost six decades.