The Millennial woman is fickle, demanding and always in style.  So here’s our look at 10 of the must have accessory brands.

When it comes to beauty and dressing the part for any millennial woman, there are actually no accessories that enhance such elated beauty than sparkly essentials of jewelries. In that regard, buying and owning jewelry is one of the best parts of being a lady. Because choosing a fashionable jewelry can be quite a challenge to many, here is a list of some of the most fashionable jewelry brands that every millennial woman should own.

  1. Loren Stewart

Loren Stewart is a jewelry brand that is elegant in every sense. It is a combination of high-end materials that are design with street credibility and mentality. They are perfectly suitable for everyday wear with an inspiration that is drawn from irregular shapes and patterns that give them a high level of uniqueness and simplicity.

  1. Iosselliani

This is a brand that is created as a way of displaying expressive fashionable vision of the aesthetic and conventional Italian jewelry. It emphasizes on seasonal luxurious pieces that bring some sort of contemporary cutting edge to the wearer.

  1. Diane Kordas

This is a jewelry that is distinguishable through its superb combination of simplicity, modernity, classic design and utmost millennial glamour. They are not only unique, but are also opulent in the materials used.

  1. Carbon & Hyde

Being a product of two sisters from a historical jewelry family, these are jewelries that can enable you to elegantly flaunt your good-looking neck or fresh manicure. They are mostly made using elegant gold bands with crystal clear diamonds. Its necklace brand perfectly mixes heirloom designs with contemporary touches.

  1. Joomi Lim

    Image Source: Instagram / joomilim

From its edgy chic punk features with spikes and spheres to elegant pearls and Swarovski crystals, these are jewels that you can use to accessorize almost anything. It brings a tough, but a glamorous contemporary look that will definitely grab attention.

  1. Maria Black

A common jewelry brand among celebrities such as Rihanna and Beyonce, Maria Black is a revolutionary brand that is full of versatility and synergy. It is known for its endearing chain-link and flowing earrings.

  1. Established Jewelry

For those who love fun, Established Jewelry is the way to go. It is known for its witty pieces that include cannabis leaf studs, gothic rings, razor blade necklaces and BFF hearts.

  1. Venessa Arizaga

Inspired by Puerto Rico’s coastal lifestyle and cultural values, these are unique jewelries that are affordable and known for their charming features and honorably friendship values.

  1. Delfina Delettrez

Coming from the Italian Fendi jewelry family, these are distinctive handmade creations that are designed with a hyper-modern fashionable value and sense.

  1. Cornelia Webb

For over a decade, Cornelia Webb has created high sculptural jewelries that are creatively designed to offer statement to the wearer. The avant-garde creations will incredibly highlight the outfit of the wearer and her body.