For any horror movie fanatic, these coffee mugs may be the perfect way to start your mornings. While they may be frightening and actually looking like zombies, these mugs are a show of creativity from one Kevin ‘Turkey’ Merck who is the main brain behind these amazing pieces of art.


Having worked as a pottery artist for over 15 years, Merck who is a huge zombie fanatic has been creating a lot of monster and horror sculptures. These latest pieces that are in form of coffee mugs are sensational and are becoming popular with zombie fanatics. According to him;

“The textures and color choices for zombies are nearly endless.”

This gives him a plethora of options and the ability to come up with incredible zombie-like coffee mugs that are remarkably detailed. He admits that most of his coffee pieces are derived from the movie ‘World War Z’ and are inspired by the movie’s makeup development team, as well as the creations of the legendary makeup artist, Frank ‘Lon’ Chaney.


Merck also admits that he is a huge fan of ‘The Walking Dead’ and had the opportunity of meeting the movie’s special effects makeup artist, Kevin Wasner.

“His work is amazing! Meeting him and talking about his makeup creations and life in general was the highlight of my career. To top it all off, he bought one of my zombie mugs for his collection.”

Merck says.

With most of his pieces being pricey, many may gasp at the hefty cost of owning one. However, the passion that Merck puts in each piece and the process of building each item will make you change your mind and realize that this is a true piece of art collection. The fact that the mugs are currently sold out on Merck’s website is a definite indication that these disturbingly zombie-like coffee mugs are gaining popularity.