World’s Most Expensive Sneakers: A $4 Million Pricetag and a Noble Agenda

The Fire Monkey is the world’s costliest pair of sneakers, and at $4 million, you are probably wondering who would be indulgent enough to buy the shoes, let alone wear them. After all, who would risk dirtying a pair of shoes that are worth millions?

Usually, when it comes to extravagant stuff like this, we tend to judge the book by its cover, knowing well that although it all sounds wicked, it is actually downright unfair that such products should even exist, especially in a world that’s suffering from ills such as poverty and hunger. Well, what if we tell you that these sneakers serve that purpose too? Here’s the story.

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Firstly, these “Way of Wade” sneakers have undergone a transformation like no other, and Mache Kicks and Bicion Jewels, along with the brains of sneaker designer Dan Gamache, have left nothing to chance in the way this complete multi-million revamp has come about. The 18k gold, white diamond pieces that run into several hundred carats, and even blue sapphires all come together to create a masterpiece in gold, blue and white, with the bedazzled “Way of Wade” logo prominently showcased in the finished product. The name “Fire Monkey” too holds significance as the Chinese New Year of the Monkey is defined as one associated with prosperity.

The extravagance is only half the story though, and although this pair of sneakers looks like it’s another over the top product for the opulent class, it is all actually headed towards a noble cause – putting shoes on the feet of hundreds and possibly thousands of people.

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Soles4Souls is an organization that has been responsible for donating over 26 million pairs of shoes and clothing to the needy in more than 100 countries across the globe, and the proceeds from the sale of these $4 million shoes are aimed at boosting the finances of this unique organization.

So this is one of those occasions where we all get together and hope and pray hard that some super-rich person comes along and shells out those millions to buy these bedazzled sneakers, all in the hope of helping thousands of needy feet find their own pair of shoes.

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