This footage of a GoPro on a rocket is crazy good.

Okay, GoPros have captured astonishing images and footage from all over the world. The tallest of mountains, to the deepest depths of the oceans, these little action cameras have captured it all. Even though we’ve always believed that these images are only limited to the Earth’s atmosphere, this incredible footage has shown us otherwise. It’s probably the greatest GoPro you’ve seen and nothing might ever beat it.

This GoPro video gives us a vivid look at a space-bound rocket in what has now surpassed every plausible GoPro clip that’s currently floating on the internet. This overwhelmingly cool video was captured after NASA and GoPro teamed up to strap the little action cameras on the rocket to film it’s journey to the Earth’s curvature.

The HD video shows the 20ft-tall SpaceLoft rocket as it launches, reaches its peak altitude and the way it throws out the re-entry capsule before it safely touches down as the video comes to an end.

The video was released as part of the GoPro Awards competition and gives us a glimpse of the journey to space, something many of us can only dream of.