The love of Star Wars meets woodworking superstar

Portland-based woodworker and designer Frank Howarth isn’t your average paper architect. He’s a skillful man who makes various objects from scratch using his hands and shows his building processes on a YouTube channel solely dedicated to that.

In a new timelapse video released last week, Howarth shows that even woodworkers can be immaculate when it comes to celebrating Star Wars Day by constructing a replica Star Wars’ Death Star from scratch out of bamboo. The Harvard graduate displays his uncanny ability by meticulously handcrafting the wildly popular space battle station while filming himself during the entire process.

Howarth uses his amazing skills to basically design two bowls and exquisitely conjoin them to make a very beautiful Death Star. He doesn’t fail to give the unusual grain of bamboo a texture that’s similar to the blocky exterior of the movie’s Death Star. As he assures viewers, “the process is all fairly simple” because he makes it much faster with a cool flair that discards all the worries of him damaging his handiwork.