This sink hole in the US swallowed 20 cars.

Pretty much the last thing you think about when you leave your vehicle in a parking lot to run an errand or grab a quick bite, is will my car still be there. Right, because we all assume that parking lots are safe places where nothing can happen to our cars or SUVs.

Well, what if you parked your vehicle, and came back to find that the parking lot had swallowed it and a bunch of other cars whole!

This is exactly what happened to 20 vehicle owners who had parked their wheels at a pancake house in Meridian, Mississippi. Little did these people know that while they were inside gorging on some tasty pancakes, the parking lot was doing the same with their cars, thanks to a cave-in from a massive sink hole.

Here’s a drone video that shows you how it all went downhill for these sets of wheels.