Crazy Gold Chrome Nissan GT-R is Unbelievable

To be honest, this is one of those instances when words don’t actually do justice, especially to a car. For many years now, we’ve seen some immensely insane features on the Nissan GT-R, but we can now boldly say that we’ve stumbled upon the coolest of them all.

Unless you were at the recently held Tokyo Auto Salon in Nagoya, Japan, this is probably the closest you’ll come to this gold chrome engraved Nissan GT-R that was created by Kuhl Racing. It has custom-built body panels that come with a number of intricate designs, and are made to stand out even further with the gold chrome.

Apart from the sharply engraved exterior that will surely make heads turn and make eyes go wide in the streets, this car also boasts a powerful 820 horsepower engine that will trump any form of competition. To further cement its place as a technical masterpiece, this GT-R is fitted with probably the loudest exhaust ever fitted to a car.

There’s no doubt that paint jobs don’t come better than this. And yes, it’s a cool paint job that brings an extraordinary sense of attraction.

Gold Chrome Nissan GT-R 01

Gold Chrome Nissan GT-R 02

Gold Chrome Nissan GT-R 03

Gold Chrome Nissan GT-R 04

Gold Chrome Nissan GT-R 05