This will shatter your beautiful burger dreams

Ever heard of individuals complaining about having ordered sumptuous burgers, but ending up with something completely different?  This is because the mouth-wateringly eye-catching burger that shimmers tantalizingly inside a golden bun is 100% computer generated and probably doesn’t exist in real life.

In showing the trick, Kugane Production showed how this CG model burger is made using a 3D modeling software called Blender. While this burger may not be real, it’s so juicy that it’ll have your pangs of hunger activated and your mouth salivating.

So next time you order a burger, prepare yourself psychologically and know that you might not get that same exquisite horizontal layers of bright green lettuce, bushy red tomatoes, crinkle-cut gherkins, sparkly onions, a titillating burger and cute blobs of ketchup.