When Cute Doodles Travel Photographs

Travel photographs are a great addition to your Instagram and other social media accounts. When traveling, or even on an outing, every sight seems like an amazing one and worth a photograph or two. Of course, posing for these photographs is a great thing in itself too, especially for couples, and clicking those perfect pictures definitely leaves lovers a good feeling.

Abang and Neng make such a couple too, and they sure love their travels and outings. Oh, and they never forget to post several images of their sojourns on their Instagram account.

There’s a slight difference though.

In these images, instead of posing for the photographs themselves, they have adorable doodles taking their place, and the finished products are indeed the cutest we have ever seen.

Abang and Neng call themselves the Doodle Deux, and here are some of the images from their Instagram page. Every doodled cutout is different from the other, and the expressive drawing is worth a second look all the time.

Oh, and their charming little notes alongside, are as lovable as the pictures themselves.

Here they are trying to get out of a life size maze called the Coban Rondo Labyrinth in Batu-Malang, Central Java.

Cutout Love 1

Cutout Love 2

Here they are going “Gangster” in Gangster Town, but in the style of The Beatles!

Cutout Love 3

In this one, they are celebrating their 1000th follower. Well, they will sure have a lot of dancing to do, because the last time we checked, the number of followers had already jumped to more than 3000!

Cutout Love 4

Abang and Neng? Or Noah and his wife?

Cutout Love 5